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5 foods to increase your vitamin B12 and your energy

By Erin Stokes, ND

5 foods to increase your vitamin B12 and your energy

5 foods to increase your vitamin B12 and your energy

Erin Stokes, Naturopathic Doctor, MegaFood Medical Director | March 2019

You’ve heard about B vitamins, but why are they important?

While each of the eight members of the B vitamin family is responsible for a different set of functions in the body, they all share the collective role of supporting cellular energy production.*

B12: Energy Powerhouse

B12 is a powerful member of the family- a matriarch who doesn’t always get the credibility she deserves. With a major role in supporting optimal cellular energy in the body,* Vitamin B12 is crucial for:

  • the production of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to all of our tissues.*
  • the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that contribute to a positive mood.*
  • optimal brain health.*

All that, with just one vitamin. Needless to say, a B12 deficiency is best avoided! For a “food first” approach to upping your B12 levels, here are five food sources that deliver a significant amount of B12:

  1. Salmon - coming in just shy of 5 mcg per 3oz. serving, salmon is both an excellent source of B12, as well as a source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.
  2. Beef - Steak, burgers, ribs… no matter how you cut it, beef contains B12. A single 3oz. serving provides more than half of the daily recommended intake of this vitamin.
  3. Milk and yogurt - If you already enjoy your daily serving of dairy for its calcium benefits, you can now take heart that you’re also getting Vitamin B12. *BONUS: Calcium is needed to facilitate B12 absorption, so they make a happy pair.
  4. Eggs - Maybe salmon, beef and dairy aren’t in your nutrition plan. Eggs also contain Vitamin B12. And don’t forget to eat that egg yolk to get your choline, another member of the B vitamin team.
  5. Fortified Cereals- Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal foods, and generally not present in plant foods. Fortified breakfast cereals provide a good option for those who prefer an alternative to animal foods.

Supplemental support

If your nutrition doesn’t include these Vitamin B12 rich foods on a regular basis, supplements can fill the gaps in the diet. When looking for a B12 supplement, many people prefer the methylated, or active, form. Look for B12 in the form of methylcobalamin.

Here in the age of options, you’ll find B12 available in everything from tablets, to gummies, to blendable powders. Despite being a vitamin commonly found in animal products and by-products, plant-based eaters will be happy to know that all MegaFood B12 supplement options are suitable for a vegetarian diet.

From the foods you eat, to your daily habits, to your supplement routine, there are many ways to maximize your energy potential.

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