Tired of being tired? Here are 5 easy sleep tips.

By MegaFood

Tired of being tired? Here are 5 easy sleep tips.

Tired of being tired? Here are 5 easy sleep tips.

MegaFood | March 2020

You are well aware by now that getting a healthy amount of sleep is vital for optimal health.* In fact, experts recommend adults receive between 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night, a number many of us are falling short of. Sleep can elude us for any number of reasons, including stress, our environment, and even our pre-bed habits (like scrolling away on your phone well into the night). Below is a list of sleep tips you can implement today to make catching those zzz’s a bit easier:

1. Set a bedtime and stick to it!

One of the great parts of being an adult is never being told when to go to bed! Unfortunately, our parents were on to something when they insisted on a consistent bedtime schedule. When we go to bed at roughly the same time each night (and wake the same time each day), we help reset our circadian rhythms, which can lead to more restful sleep.Footnote 1 Set a bedtime and strive to stick to it for a week - how do you feel afterwards?

2. Keep it cool

Research shows that we sleep better in cooler temperatures (think of those restless summer nights with no AC!). In fact, one study found that bedroom temperature affected sleep quality more than external noise!Footnote 2 Temperatures around 70 degrees F or lower is a good target to aim for.

3. Exercise, but not before bed!

Exercise and movement is one of the best ways to support a good night’s rest. A study conducted in adults demonstrated that exercise nearly halved the amount of time it took to fall asleep and provided 41 more minutes of sleep at night, which adds up!Footnote 3 Getting 30 or so minutes of cardio each day is a great target to aim for, but be sure to get your moves in earlier in the day. The later we exercise, the more likely we are to negatively impact sleep, so prioritize morning and mid-day activity whenever possible.

4. Keep dinner light

Heavy meals right before bed do our body no favors when it comes to prioritizing sleep. In addition to the hard work of digestion, laying down after a large meal makes us more likely to experience indigestion and other GI complaints. Aim for dinner 2-3 hours before bed, and if you’re still hungry, try a small snack an hour or so before you head to sleep.

5. Consider supplements

Even when we’ve set up our room just right, attended Spin class bright and early, and made sure to climb into bed at a consistent time each night, sleep can still be hard to find. Determining the cause of your sleeplessness is important, and if it is chronic, addressing it with your healthcare practitioner is your first step. For occasional sleeplessness, however, supplements can be a great help.

Melatonin is a hormone we naturally produce in the evening to get our body ready for sleep. Bright blue light and other factors can impact our melatonin production, which is where supplementation comes in. Make getting your melatonin a tasty treat with our Melatonin Berry Good Sleep®* Gummy - just two gummies provide 3mg of this important ingredient!

Not a melatonin fan? Herbal sleep support can be a fantastic alternative. MegaFood Herbal Sleep combines organic botanicals known for their role in promoting restful sleep in an easy-to-swallow capsule to help you get a good night’s sleep.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for sleep, but by implementing these easy tips and tricks, you’ll be one step closer to the rest you need!

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