One thing I do daily for my health & wellness

By Kristyn Lak Miller

One thing I do daily for my health & wellness

One thing I do daily for my health & wellness

Kristyn Lak Miller | Dec. 2020

Kristyn Lak Miller is a paid copywriter. All opinions and text are her own.

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are,” wrote French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Well, I’d like to update Jean’s sentiment a bit: Tell me what multivitamin you take and I will tell you who you are.

I take Multi for Women 40+, MegaFood’s twice-daily doctor-formulated multi. What does this choice say about me? I think it emphasizes I trust a company that’s been crafting quality supplements for a long time, I support the values of a B Corporation and - here’s where it gets really personal - I’m in tune with my nutritional needs during a period of tricky transition (AKA perimenopause, ugh).

I first took a multi as a child, preferring the fun variety named after a certain modern stone-age family. As I grew up, however, I grew away from multis, even while developing a strong interest in good health: I became a vegetarian at 16, was an early adopter of an organic lifestyle and read book after book on nutrition.

In my 40s now, healthy living is foundational for me. I workout every day. I floss every day. I think about meditating every day. But I find it’s difficult to get the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables every day. Raise your hand if you can relate! So, awhile back, I decided to take a multi to support my nutrition.

My search for a multi started and ended with MegaFood. I didn’t even consider another source. Here’s why. I discovered MegaFood years ago during my struggle with low iron after having my second child. I ate lots of spinach, drank lots of nettle tea, even cooked with a cast iron skillet, but nothing helped; eventually, I turned to the vitamin aisle for support. I tried several iron supplements without success, and it was MegaFood Blood Builder® that finally worked - after taking it for a few months, blood tests revealed my iron levels had improved. Result: I’m a MegaFood fan for life.

Kristyn Lak Miller shares her multivitamin of choosing: MegaFood Multi for Women 40+

When it came to choosing my MegaFood multi, I had several options - soft chews, one-daily or doctor-formulated tablets - and I settled upon Multi for Women 40+ because I like supplementing each day with nutrition specific for my gender, age and (ahem) fluctuating hormones. I also appreciate that my multi contains choline, an essential yet often-elusive nutrient that supports cognitive function and healthy memory* - two things that grow in importance with each passing year.

As a burning-the-candle-at-both-ends working mom, my multi gives me extra oomph to get through my busy days along with the satisfaction in knowing my nutritional bases are covered (no small feat for a worrier like me). I keep my multis in a vitamin organizer in a can’t-miss spot in the kitchen so I never forget to take them. It’s literally the easiest thing I do every day to support my health and wellness goals.

In a display of spousal symmetry, my husband takes MegaFood’s Multi for Men 40+. This says he values a quality, right-for-him supplement. I imagine it also says that, even after two decades together, we’re still a good match (whew).

As far as our kids, we rarely have to remind them to take their multis. They both love MegaFood’s nutritious, delicious Kids One Daily Multivitamin Soft Chews. They have a chew first thing in the morning or they save it for an afternoon treat. One of their loudest arguments was over who would get the last multi in the pack; they ended up splitting it after making sure I cut it exactly in half. This says YUM is important to them (no surprise there). It also reminds me we need to work on their sharing skills.

MegaFood multivitamins for the whole family

Recently, I learned my mother takes MegaFood Women Over 55 One Daily. It’s no surprise that this convenient and age-specific choice is perfect for my no-nonsense mom. It also suggests that good taste is hereditary!

So go ahead and do one thing to support your health everyday and take that multi! We'd love to see your multivitamin choice - share a pic on Instagram and tag @MegaFood with the hashtag #DoOneThing

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