5 ways to reach deeper sleep

By Alexa Schirm

5 ways to reach deeper sleep

5 ways to reach deeper sleep

|Alexa Schirm | January 2019 |

This author's original post, 5 Ways to Reach Deeper Sleep, was sponsored by MegaFood and published on SimpleRootsWellness.com. All opinions and text are her own. We enjoy working with bloggers who share our vision of nourishing the world!

"Sleep like a baby," the common saying that so many wished was that easy. Do you ever wonder when and how sleep became such a problem, considering it's so essential to our overall health and wellness?

Nutritionist Alexa Schirm, the blogger behind Simple Roots Wellness, wanted to explore why sleep is so elusive in our modern day. To answer the many questions she had, Alexa turned to our medical director, Dr. Erin Stokes, for an exclusive podcast interview to address:

What does sleep mean for our body?

How do our circadian clocks work?

And, ultimately, how can we achieve deeper more restful sleep?

To listen, visit Simple Roots Radio on Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Or, to speed straight to Dr. Stokes top five tips for deeper sleep, visit SimpleRootsWellness.com.

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