Gummies for healthy sleep*, satisfying workouts*, and a nourished immune system*

By MegaFood

Gummies for healthy sleep*, satisfying workouts*, and a nourished immune system*

Gummies for healthy sleep*, satisfying workouts*, and a nourished immune system*

MegaFood | November 2018

Gummy vitamins have a great reputation when it comes to the enjoyment factor. But, can they truly provide a nutritious benefit to your day? That all depends on the gummy you choose.

We believe the most nutritious food comes from healthy soils and valued farmers.

So, that’s where we start. Our gummies are made with real food from our trusted farm partners; people who are committed to growing practices that produce nutrient rich food, and support a sustainable future. And with the real food we use comes a glorious, real food flavor, meaning blueberries and cranberries actually taste like- blueberries and cranberries. Each daily serving contains 2 grams of sugar or less; we’ve used the minimum amount required to create that perfect texture, with no unnecessary sugary outer coatings. You also won’t find artificial flavorings, colorings, or gelatin; our gummies were crafted with conscious, clean eating in mind. For this reason, they’ve been tested to ensure an absence of 125+ herbicides and pesticides, and are Certified Glyphosate Residue Free. We’ve found every possible way to make a better gummy.

Our first three gummy formulations are designed to fill the most common of nutrient gaps in the diet; Vitamin B12 , Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Yet what about the other reason we often use supplements?

Specific lifestyle needs, like getting a good night’s rest*, supporting a healthy inflammation response*, and boosting the immune system*, are all cause to consider supplementation.

Our three newest adult gummies focus on such factors to help you get the most out of what matters to you. Let’s explore:

Restful nights await with Melatonin Berry Good Sleep™*

Would you give anything for a better night’s rest? Our new Melatonin Berry Good Sleep gummy promotes just that- relaxation and sleep.*

Melatonin, the main ingredient in this product, naturally supports healthy sleep.* Wild blueberries and tart cherry, both natural sources of phytonutrients, are included to provide a beautiful berry color and taste, with no added flavorings.*

Hit your PR with Turmeric Inflammation Response*

If you’re training for a race, increasing your workout frequency, or simply feeling the effects of daily activity, this healthy inflammation supportive gummy might intrigue you.* Combining farm-fresh whole turmeric root with pure turmeric root extract, a gummy serving delivers beneficial curcuminoids.*

If you’re familiar with our other turmeric products, you won’t be surprised to know that we’ve added black pepper extract to support the absorption of curcumins -which alone are very difficult for the body to assimilate.* We’ve also included organic carrot and farm-fresh ginger, both a natural source of phytonutrients, and contributors to that authentic spice flavor.*

Daily support for a healthy immune system with Elderberry Immune Support*

While elderberry imparts a unique taste to these gummies, what we’re really focused on is the potent plant-powered immune support it has to offer.* In addition to elderberry, zinc provides additional aid to our immune function.* Wild blueberry and ginger provide natural sources of phytonutrients* and as you can now guess, lots of delicious flavor.

A routine to relish...

Whether you have difficulty swallowing tablets (and 40% of adult Americans do), or just can’t stomach the idea of yet another pill, gummies are a convenient, enjoyable and quite unforgettable way to supplement our diet. This is key, given how many people find wanting -or remembering- to take their vitamins as a huge hurdle to effective supplementation.

...and a brand you can believe in

We are serious when it comes to crafting premium supplements of the absolute highest quality possible. Yet, with our dedication to nutrition comes a massive ambition: to change the world, starting with food.

As a certified B corp, we’ve made a promise to be the change we wish to see in the world. For MegaFood, this means going a step beyond the use of organic and sustainably grown foods in our products, and elevating the potential of organic and regenerative agriculture to improve soil health across the nation. This means not just obtaining the certification to ensure our entire product line is glyphosate residue free, but confronting the EPA with the demand to get glyphosate out of our food, and ban its prevalent use on oat crops.

In short, our commitment to better gummies starts with better soil, which can grow better food, so that we can feel better, all while leaving our planet in a better place. That’s Nutrition with Ambition. Are you in?

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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