Tired & wired? Your adrenals might be the reason

By Abigail McShinksy

Tired & wired? Your adrenals might be the reason

Tired & wired? Your adrenals might be the reason

Abigail McShinsky, MegaFood Education & Content Specialist | April 2019

Occasionally stressed? Well, to better understand what to do about it, let’s first learn how our body handles everyday stress. We need to look at the system that's responsible: our Adrenal System. Adrenal glands are designed to activate a whole host of bodily responses when a threat presents itself. In modern life, however, it's not always the response we need. Learn how you can support your adrenal system, and promote a healthy stress response.*

A true threat, or just a little drama?

It’s no secret that modern life is hectic and stressful. Deadlines, school drop-offs, family obligations, the holiday season, and even exercise can put stress on the body. Our body’s response to these stressors is to help propel us out of these situations and into safety, and that’s where the adrenal glands come in.

Your adrenal glands deal with the stressors in your life by producing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. The adrenals can’t differentiate between a real threat or a perceived stress. If you react, so will your adrenal glands! Thus it’s easy for them to get out of balance, which can leave you feeling tired and wired which can seem like a never-ending cycle.

Sound Familiar?
You need coffee to get going in the morning, yet you can’t relax during the day, and you may have an even harder time winding down in the evening.

In addition to reducing the impact of daily stress with practices such as meditation, it is important to consider the health of the adrenal glands to ensure they are replenished and have the building blocks they need to perform their best.* Not only can we support adrenal health with lifestyle practices and nutrition, we can also use supplementation to support a sense of calm, relaxation, and focus when times of stress arise.*

Herbal adaptogens is a fantastic place to learn more about an entire category of botanicals that support a healthy stress response.*

Or if you’re ready to dive in, we have a range of MegaFood products that take the guesswork out of stress management!*

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