4 Spring Routines to Start Today

By MegaFood

4 spring routines to start today

4 spring routines to start today


Ah, the arrival of spring—a time of renewal, growth, and vibrant energy! As the days lengthen and nature bursts forth with new life, it's the perfect moment to align our own rhythms with the changing season. Let's dive into four simple yet powerful routines, we’re calling the "4 UPs," to infuse your days with vitality and well-being starting right now! 

1 - Green up! 

Spring is Mother Nature's invitation to indulge in an abundance of fresh greens. Whether you're perusing the local farmer's market or browsing the aisles of your grocery store, seek out spring spinach, kale, or chard to invigorate your meals. Feeling unsure about how to incorporate these vibrant greens? Why not whip up a delicious green smoothie? It's a nourishing and energizing way to kickstart your day and flood your body with essential nutrients. Here is the recipe for one of our favorites! 

2 - Clean up! 

As we bid farewell to the heaviness of winter, both in our homes and our bodies, it's time for a spring cleaning of the highest order. Just as we declutter our living spaces, let's also focus on clearing out any internal cobwebs and optimizing our digestive health. Consider adding a probiotic to your daily routine—a simple yet effective way to support your gut health, bolster your immune system, and promote regularity. Not sure which probiotic is right for you? Allow us to introduce three new shelf-stable options tailored to your unique needs. 

Women’s Probiotic + PrebioticFeaturing the award-winning Astarte™️ probiotic blend, renowned for its clinical efficacy in women's health.† This blend is shown to support a healthy vaginal microbiome and reduce vaginal and digestive discomfort.†   

Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Probiotic + PrebioticPerfect for expecting mothers, this formula is clinically shown to support both maternal and infant microbiome health, while also easing morning sickness with a clinically studied dose of Vitamin B6. 

Digestive Probiotic Ultra Strength – Formulated with 12 probiotic strains, this powerhouse blend aids in relieving occasional irregularity, gas and bloating to help you feel your best. 

3 - Drink up! 

As the temperature rises and our bodies awaken from winter's slumber, hydration becomes paramount. Embrace the cleansing power of water by simply adding a few extra glasses to your daily intake. Keep a trusty water bottle by your side, whether at your desk or on-the-go, to make staying hydrated a breeze. With each sip, you'll be supporting your body's natural detoxification processes and fostering a newfound sense of vitality. 

4 - Rise up! 

With the days getting longer, now is the time to embrace the early morning light. Allow yourself the luxury of rising with the sun, greeting each day with renewed vigor and purpose. Consider carving out a few extra minutes in the morning for a brisk walk or a nourishing breakfast enjoyed in the tranquility of dawn. By embracing the early hours, you'll set the tone for a day filled with energy, productivity, and joy. 

Start Today! 

These springtime rituals are not merely tasks to be checked off a list—they are invitations to embrace the change of season and prepare you for the busy summer months ahead. Let the "4 UPs" be your guide as you step into a new season of growth, energy, and well-being. 


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