Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Probiotic + Prebiotic - Shelf Stable - Clinically Tested Strain

Prenatal Probiotic + Prebiotic designed to promote a healthy maternal gut microbiome in support of both Mom and Baby+

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  • Featuring LGG, one of the most studied probiotic strains, shown to support immune and microbiome balance for mom, with plant sourced prebiotic to nourish good bacteria
  • LGG probiotic strain is shown to support a baby’s microbiome at birth; A well-balanced microbiota plays a critical role in nurturing a baby's developing immune and digestive systems+  
  • These prenatal probiotics for women are made with 30 mg of Vitamin B6, a clinically studied dose shown to help reduce morning sickness
  • Innovative packaging technology guarantees 10 billion CFUs per serving through expiration; Made for pregnant & lactating moms; Support for mom and baby in just one capsule a day; Contains 30 capsules for 30 servings 
  • Gluten-Free; Vegetarian; Tested for 150+ pesticides; This women's probiotic for prenatal immune support is made without milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, and sesame  
Embrace 3-in-1 prenatal support with this Probiotic + Prebiotic with vitamin B6. It features the LGG® probiotic strain, shown to promote mom's gut and immune health and nurture baby's microbiome at birth. Paired with Vitamin B6 to help reduce morning sickness.

Adults take one capsule daily with food and a beverage. 

  • LGG® strain is shown to support mom's immune and gut health & baby's microbiome at birth+ 

  • With 30mg of Vitamin B6, a clinically studied dose shown to help reduce morning sickness+ 

  • Paired with a plant-sourced prebiotic to nourish the good bacteria in the gut† 

Supplement Facts

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LGG® is the world's most documented strain

  • Clinically shown to support mom's immune and gut health & baby's microbiome at birth
  • Reviewed in over 250 publications
  • Vegetarian, gluten free
  • Convenient, no refrigeration needed

Microbiome Health Is Passed From Mom to Baby

Newborns primarily obtain their microbiome from their mothers. Baby’s microbiomes are crucial for their overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

No refrigeration is required. The product is best kept in its original packaging, stored in a cool, dry place.

LGG® strain is designed to survive the acidic environment of the stomach and reach the gut, where they can provide the greatest health benefits.​

Yes, it's encouraged to continue supplementation during lactation​.

Yes, we recommend daily use for best results

The plant-sourced prebiotics is FOS derived from chicory root.​

While there is no Tolerable Upper Limit set for probiotics, we have formulated them at clinically studied potencies, and recommended taking the suggested use. ​

While there is no Tolerable Upper Limit set for probiotics, please consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to combining products. ​

Higher CFU counts in probiotics don't always mean better effects. Effectiveness depends on the strain; some need fewer CFUs, others more. Our Prenatal Probiotic + Prebiotic has 10 billion CFUs of the LGG® strain, clinically shown to support mom's immune and gut health and baby's microbiome at birth.†​

To ensure the stability and extend the shelf life of our probiotics, we utilize a specially designed bottle technology that's made to withstand moisture, light, and oxygen, keeping the product fresh and shelf-stable. Any plastic in our packaging is certified Plastic Neutral, which means for every ounce of plastic generated, our partner Repurpose Global removes an equivalent amount of verified nature-bound plastic waste.​