Our Charities

We’ve teamed up with this fantastic company, WoollyPocket, who creates “living wall” planters, making gardening possible in any location. With a built-in irrigation system that keeps plants wet and happy without the need for labor-intensive maintenance, it’s perfectly manageable for a school setting. MegaFood has installed several WoollyPocket gardens in our local NH Community. Read about one of our school garden adventures here.


Enabling nutritional education with outdoor garden classrooms

WoollyPocket’s Wooly School Garden program provides everything a school needs to create an outdoor garden classroom and teach nutrition. We at MegaFood™ believe that nutrition education is an important part of our children’s education, to establish lifelong healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

“Woolly School Gardens use any sunny wall or fence to create a vertical, edible garden, and the user-friendly curriculum allows teachers to easily teach their students how to grow their own food and make healthy food choices.” —WoollySchoolGarden.org

Woolly School Garden encourages healthy eating habits and adventurous eating, introduces new ways of learning and brings fresh foods to our schools. Using their Woolly Pocket vertical gardening kits, they allow schools to experience an outdoor garden, even in limited space environments. They also provide an easy and fun way for kids to learn about nutrition and where their vitamins come from.

MegaFood™ is proud to support Wooly Pocket’s Woolly School Garden. You can learn more about them at woolyschoolgarden.org.